Optimized PDF Flipbook

Create faster loading PDF flipbook with PDF to Image Converter for Real3D FlipBook

PDF to Image Converter

The converter generates images and JSON for each PDF page, that you can use to create flipbook that will load fast but will keep all the functionality as the PDF Flipbook.

For example you have PDF file 1.pdf that has 4 pages. The standard way of creating flipbook from PDF is

    pdfUrl: 'pdf/1.pdf'

The converter will process the PDF and generate page image, thumbnail image and json with page data for each page. You can use those files to create a flipbook like this

    pages: [
        {src: "1.webp", thumb: "thumb1.webp", json: "1.json"},
        {src: "2.webp", thumb: "thumb2.webp", json: "2.json"},
        {src: "3.webp", thumb: "thumb3.webp", json: "3.json"},
        {src: "4.webp", thumb: "thumb4.webp", json: "4.json"},

The second flipbook will work exactly the same as first flipbook, but it will load page faster and it will not load PDF.js scripts.

This can also be a solution if PDF flipbook is not working correctly on some devices

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