Default Options

Customize the flipbook by overriding the default options

Default flipbook options object:

    name: "",

    /*array of page objects - this must be passed to plugin constructor
    	src:"page url",
    	thumb:"page thumb url",
    	title:"page title",
    	htmlContent:"page html content"
    pages: [],

    /*array of table_of_content objects
    tableOfContent: [],

    tableOfContentCloseOnClick: true,
    thumbsCloseOnClick: true,

    //set unique prefix to enable deep linking, for example prefix "book1_" will add hash #book1_{page number} to the end of url
    deeplinkingEnabled: false,
    deeplinkingPrefix: '',

    assets: {
        preloader: "images/preloader.jpg",
        overlay: "images/overlay.png",
        flipMp3: "mp3/turnPage.mp3",
        spinner: "images/spinner.gif",
        backgroundMp3: "mp3/background.mp3"

    //pdf source options
    pdfUrl: null,
    pdfBrowserViewerIfMobile: false,
    pdfBrowserViewerIfIE: false,
    pdfBrowserViewerFullscreen: true,
    pdfBrowserViewerFullscreenTarget: "_blank",
    rangeChunkSize: 64,
    disableRange: false,
    disableStream: true,
    disableAutoFetch: true,
    pdfAutoLinks: false,

    htmlLayer: true, // to implement

    rightToLeft: false,

    //page that will be displayed when the book starts
    startPage: 0,

    //if the sound is enabled
    sound: true,

    backgroundColor: "rgb(81, 85, 88)",
    backgroundImage: "",
    backgroundPattern: "",
    backgroundTransparent: false,

    //book default settings
    thumbSize: 130,

    loadAllPages: false,
    loadPagesF: 2,
    loadPagesB: 1,

    autoplayOnStart: false,
    autoplayInterval: 3000,
    autoplayLoop: true,

    //UI settings

    skin: "light", //"dark", "light", "gradient"
    layout: "1", //"1", "2", "3", "4"

    menuOverBook: false,
    menuFloating: false,
    menuBackground: '',
    menuShadow: '',
    menuMargin: 0,
    menuPadding: 0,
    menuTransparent: false,

    menu2OverBook: true,
    menu2Floating: false,
    menu2Background: '',
    menu2Shadow: '',
    menu2Margin: 0,
    menu2Padding: 0,
    menu2Transparent: true,

    skinColor: '',
    skinBackground: '',

    // menu buttons
    btnColor: '',
    btnBackground: 'none',
    btnSize: 14,
    btnRadius: 2,
    btnMargin: 2,
    btnPaddingV: 10,
    btnPaddingH: 10,
    btnShadow: '',
    btnTextShadow: '',
    btnBorder: '',
    btnColorHover: "",
    btnBackgroundHover: '',

    //side navigation arrows
    sideBtnColor: '#FFF',
    sideBtnBackground: '#00000033',
    sideBtnSize: 30,
    sideBtnRadius: 0,
    sideBtnMargin: 0,
    sideBtnPaddingV: 5,
    sideBtnPaddingH: 0,
    sideBtnShadow: '',
    sideBtnTextShadow: '',
    sideBtnBorder: '',
    sideBtnColorHover: "#FFF",
    sideBtnBackgroundHover: '#00000066',

    // menu buttons on transparent menu
    floatingBtnColor: "#EEE",
    floatingBtnColorHover: "",
    floatingBtnBackground: "#00000044",
    floatingBtnBackgroundHover: '',
    floatingBtnSize: null,
    floatingBtnRadius: null,
    floatingBtnMargin: null,
    floatingBtnPadding: null,
    floatingBtnShadow: '',
    floatingBtnTextShadow: '',
    floatingBtnBorder: '',

    btnOrder: [

    currentPage: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Current page",
        vAlign: 'top',
        hAlign: 'left',
        marginH: 0,
        marginV: 0,
        color: '',
        background: ''

    btnFirst: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "First page",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-angle-double-left",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-first_page"

    btnPrev: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Previous page",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-angle-left",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-keyboard_arrow_left"

    btnNext: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Next page",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-angle-right",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-keyboard_arrow_right"

    btnLast: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "Last page",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-angle-double-right",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-last_page"

    btnZoomIn: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Zoom in",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-plus",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-add"

    btnZoomOut: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Zoom out",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-minus",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-remove1"

    btnRotateLeft: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "Rotate left",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon--undo"

    btnRotateRight: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "Rotate right",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon--redo"

    btnAutoplay: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Autoplay",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-play",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-play_arrow",
        iconFA_alt: "flipbook-icon-pause",
        iconM_alt: "flipbook-icon-pause1",

    btnSearch: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "Search",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-search",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-search1"

    btnSelect: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Select tool",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-i-cursor",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-text_format"

    btnBookmark: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Bookmark",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-bookmark",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-bookmark1"

    btnNotes: {
        enabled: false,
        title: "Notes",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-comment",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-chat_bubble"

    btnToc: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Table of Contents",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-list-ol",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-toc"

    btnThumbs: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Pages",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-th-large",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-view_module"

    btnShare: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Share",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-share-alt",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-share1",
        hideOnMobile: true

    btnPrint: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Print",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-print",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-local_printshop",
        hideOnMobile: true

    btnDownloadPages: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Download pages",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-download",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-file_download",
        url: "images/",
        name: ""

    btnDownloadPdf: {
        forceDownload: false,
        enabled: true,
        title: "Download PDF",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-file",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-picture_as_pdf",
        url: null,
        openInNewWindow: true,
        name: "allPages.pdf"

    btnSound: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Volume",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-volume-up",
        iconFA_alt: "flipbook-icon-volume-off",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-volume_up",
        iconM_alt: "flipbook-icon-volume_mute",
        hideOnMobile: true

    btnExpand: {
        enabled: true,
        title: "Toggle fullscreen",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-expand",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-fullscreen",
        iconFA_alt: "flipbook-icon-compress",
        iconM_alt: "flipbook-icon-fullscreen_exit"

    btnClose: {
        title: "Close",
        iconFA: "flipbook-icon-times",
        iconM: "flipbook-icon-clear",
        hAlign: 'right',
        vAlign: 'top',
        size: 20

    btnShareIfMobile: false,
    btnSoundIfMobile: false,
    btnPrintIfMobile: false,

    sideNavigationButtons: true,

    hideMenu: false,

    shareUrl: null,
    shareTitle: null,
    shareImage: null,

    whatsapp: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-whatsapp'

    twitter: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-twitter'

    facebook: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-facebook'

    pinterest: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-pinterest-p'

    email: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-envelope'

    linkedin: {
        enabled: true,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-linkedin'

    digg: {
        enabled: false,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-digg'

    reddit: {
        enabled: false,
        icon: 'flipbook-icon-reddit-alien'

    pdf: {
        annotationLayer: false,

    pageTextureSize: 2048,
    pageTextureSizeSmall: 1500,
    thumbTextureSize: 300,

    pageTextureSizeMobile: 1500,
    pageTextureSizeMobileSmall: 1024,

    //flip animation type; can be "2d", "3d" , "webgl", "swipe"
    viewMode: 'webgl',
    singlePageMode: false,
    singlePageModeIfMobile: false,
    zoomMin: .95,
    zoomMax2: null,

    zoomSize: null,
    zoomStep: 2,
    zoomTime: 300,
    zoomReset: false,
    zoomResetTime: 300,

    wheelDisabledNotFullscreen: false,
    arrowsDisabledNotFullscreen: false,
    arrowsAlwaysEnabledForNavigation: true,
    touchSwipeEnabled: true,

    responsiveView: true,
    responsiveViewRatio: 1, // use responsive view only in portrait mode
    responsiveViewTreshold: 768,
    minPixelRatio: 1, //between 1 and 2, 1.5 = best ratio performance FPS / image quality

    pageFlipDuration: 1,

    contentOnStart: false,
    thumbnailsOnStart: false,
    searchOnStart: false,

    sideMenuOverBook: true,
    sideMenuOverMenu: false,
    sideMenuOverMenu2: true,
    sideMenuPosition: 'left',

    //lightbox settings

    lightBox: false,
    lightBoxOpened: false,
    lightBoxFullscreen: false,
    lightboxCloseOnClick: false,
    lightboxResetOnOpen: true,
    lightboxBackground: null, //CSS of flipbook background, rgba or hexadecimal color or bg image, for example 'rgba(0,0,0,.5)' or '#F0F0F0' or 'url("overlay.png" ) repeat'
    lightboxBackgroundColor: null,
    lightboxBackgroundPattern: null,
    lightboxBackgroundImage: null,
    lightboxStartPage: null,
    lightboxMarginV: '0',
    lightboxMarginH: '0',
    lightboxCSS: '',
    lightboxPreload: false,
    lightboxShowMenu: false, // show menu while book is loading so lightbox can be closed
    lightboxCloseOnBack: true,

    // WebGL settings

    disableImageResize: true, //disable image resize to power of 2 (needed for anisotropic filtering)

    pan: 0,
    panMax: 10,
    panMax2: 2,
    panMin: -10,
    panMin2: -2,
    tilt: 0,
    tiltMax: 0,
    tiltMax2: 0,
    tiltMin: -20,
    tiltMin2: -5,

    rotateCameraOnMouseMove: false,
    rotateCameraOnMouseDrag: true,

    lights: true,
    lightColor: 0xFFFFFF,
    lightPositionX: 0,
    lightPositionZ: 1400,
    lightPositionY: 350,
    lightIntensity: .6,

    shadows: true,
    shadowMapSize: 1024,
    shadowOpacity: .2,
    shadowDistance: 0,

    pageRoughness: 1,
    pageMetalness: 0,

    pageHardness: 2,
    coverHardness: 2,
    pageSegmentsW: 10,
    pageSegmentsH: 1,

    pageMiddleShadowSize: 2,
    pageMiddleShadowColorL: "#999999",
    pageMiddleShadowColorR: "#777777",

    antialias: false,

    // preloader

    preloaderText: '',

    fillPreloader: {
        enabled: false,
        imgEmpty: "images/logo_light.png",
        imgFull: "images/logo_dark.png",

    // logo

    logoImg: '', //url of logo image
    logoUrl: '', // url target 
    logoCSS: 'position:absolute;',
    logoHideOnMobile: false,

    printMenu: true,
    downloadMenu: true,

    cover: true,
    backCover: true,

    pdfTextLayer: true,
    annotationLayer: true,

    googleAnalyticsTrackingCode: null,

    minimumAndroidVersion: 6,

    linkColor: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)',
    linkColorHover: 'rgba(255, 255, 0, 1)',
    linkOpacity: 0.4,
    linkTarget: '_blank', // _blank - new window, _self - same window

    rightClickEnabled: true,

    pageNumberOffset: 0, // to start book page count at different page, example Cover, 1, 2, ... -> pageNumberOffset: 1

    flipSound: true,
    backgroundMusic: false,
    doubleClickZoomDisabled: false,
    pageDragDisabled: false,
    pageClickAreaWdith: '10%', // width of the page that behaves like next / previous page button

    noteTypes: [{
            id: 1,
            title: "User",
            color: "green",
            enabled: true
            id: 2,
            title: "Group",
            color: "yellow",
            enabled: true
            id: 3,
            title: "Admin",
            color: "blue",
            enabled: true

    pageRangeStart: null,
    pageRangeEnd: null,

    strings: {
        print: "Print",
        printLeftPage: "Print left page",
        printRightPage: "Print right page",
        printCurrentPage: "Print current page",
        printAllPages: "Print all pages",

        download: "Download",
        downloadLeftPage: "Download left page",
        downloadRightPage: "Download right page",
        downloadCurrentPage: "Download current page",
        downloadAllPages: "Download all pages",

        bookmarks: "Bookmarks",
        bookmarkLeftPage: "Bookmark left page",
        bookmarkRightPage: "Bookmark right page",
        bookmarkCurrentPage: "Bookmark current page",

        search: "Search",
        findInDocument: "Find in document",
        pagesFoundContaining: "pages found containing",
        noMatches: "No matches",
        matchesFound: 'matches found',
        page: 'Page',
        matches: 'matches',

        thumbnails: "Thumbnails",
        tableOfContent: "Table of Contents",
        share: "Share",
        notes: "Notes",

        pressEscToClose: "Press ESC to close",

        password: "Password",
        addNote: "Add note",
        typeInYourNote: "Type in your note..."


    //mobile devices settings - override any setting for mobile devices
    mobile: {

        shadows: false,
        pageSegmentsW: 5



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