Classic editor

Embed flipbook into post or page using the WordPress Classic editor

  1. Create new page with Pages > Add New Page or edit existing page.

  2. Click Rael 3D Flipbook button above the editor and select the flipbook.

  3. Select flipbook or pdf and click Insert flipbook button.

  4. Click Publish or Update button.

  5. Click View page link to see the flipbook.


Flipbook can be embedded in a post or page via shortcode.

Edit flipbook and copy the shortcode, for example

[real3dflipbook id="1"]

Paste the shortcode into a post or page

Shortcode params


embed flipbook by ID

[real3dflipbook id="1"]


embed flipbook by its name instead of ID

[real3dflipbook name="Book 1"]


pass the PDF URL to flipbook, this can be used to show different PDF-s using the same flipbook

[real3dflipbook id="1" pdf="http://...book1.pdf"]

[real3dflipbook id="1" pdf="http://...book2.pdf"]


set flipbook mode via shortcode param, available are normal, lightbox, fullscreen

[real3dflipbook id="1" mode="lightbox"]


set flipbook view mode, available are webgl, 3d, 2d, swipe, simple

[real3dflipbook id="1" thumb="" class="book1"]


set flipbook thumbnail image

[real3dflipbook id="1" thumb="http://..."]

or hide the thumbnail

[real3dflipbook id="1" thumb=""]


set CSS class that will open the lightbox flipbook, any element on the page with this CSS class will open the flipbook, this is used to open flipbook with a button or image or text

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