Lightbox flipbook displays flipbook thumbnail on the page and opens the flipbook in a fullscreen overlay when the thumbnail is clicked. There are other options to open the lightbox flipbook, like using a CSS class or using hash navigation (deep linking). Thumbnail can be hidden if the flipbook should be opened from a button or text link.

CSS class

Any element on the page containing flipbook shortcode that has this CSS class will trigger the lightbox.

Overlay background

Lightbox background CSS, for example hex color
or rgb color
or rgba color with transparency
or image

Overlay background pattern

Background image repeated

Overlay background image

Background image for the flipbook.

Thumbnail container CSS

Custom CSS for the thumbnail container div


Image that will be added in place of shortcode and will trigger the lightbox. Thumbnail is automatically generated from flipbook first page thumbnail or from first PDF page. To change the thumbnail size update the option Thumbnail height and click Generate Thumbnail

Thumbnail height

The height in px of the generated thumbnail image

Thumbnail CSS

Custom CSS for thumbnail (size, shadows, border ect)

Thumbnail info

If the thumbnail info will be displayed over the book

Thumbnail info text

If not set, the book name will be used

Thumbnail info CSS

Custom CSS for thumbnail info
Text that will be put in place of the shortcode and will trigger the lightbox
Custom CSS for the text link (size, shadows, border etc)
Top or bottom

Opens on start

If the lightbox opens immediately when the page loads

Opens in fullscreen

If the lightbox opening will also switch browser to fullscreen mode

Show title

Show book title

Show date

Show book date

Hide thumbnail

Do not display the thumbnail

Vertical margin

Lightbox overlay vertical margin

Horizontal margin

Lightbox overlay horizontal margin
Open URL instead of opening the flipbook
Open link in new browser window
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