Flipbook embed mode, following modes are available:


Flipbook embedded in a container div

Flipbook container height is proportional to width and maintains constant width/height ratio. This ratio can be changed with option Container responsive ratio

Flipbook opens in a fullscreen overlay on thumbnail click

More about Lightbox settings here


Flipbook covers entire page

View mode

Following view modes are available:


realistic 3D page flip with lights and shadows


CSS 3D flip


CSS flip animation


horizontal slide animation


change page instantly without animation

Initial zoom

Initial book zoom, recommended between 0.8 and 1

Zoom step

Between 1.1 and 4

Zoomed size

Override maximum zoom size which is by default equal to texture size. For example "texture size" is 2048, enable zoom beyond texture size with "zoomed texture size" : 3000

Reset zoom

Reset zoom after page flip, window resize, exit from fullscreen or toggle toc, thumbs, bookmarks, search

Double click zoom

Zoom with double click

Single page

Display one page at a time

Page flip duration

Duration of flip animation, recommended between 0.5 and 2

Deep linking

Enables to link to specific page within flipbook, for example if flipbook is at, open page 2 with

Deep linking prefix

Instead of default deeplinking hash #$page_number it can be defined custom prefix so the hash will be #$prefix$page_number. For example link to flipbook page 2:

link with custom prefix "book1_page"

Responsive view

Switching from two page layout to one page layout if flipbook width is below certain threshold

Responsive view threshold

Flipbook width threshold for responsive view feature, default 480

PDF page size

Height of rendered PDF page, in px

PDF page size (small)

Height of rendered PDF page on small screen

height of the container

if the container height will be proportional to width

PDF Text layer

Enable for text selection tool and text search, disable for faster page loading

The color overlay of PDF links

The color overlay of PDF links on hover

Front cover

If the flipbook has cover (1, 2-3, 4-5,...) or shows only inner pages (1-2, 3-4, 5-6,...)

Back cover

If the flipbook has back cover

Container responsive ratio

The ratio width/height of the flipbook container div (mode normal), recommended between 1 and 2

Show Thumbnails on start

Show thumbnails view on start

Show Table of Contents on start

Show Table of Content view on start

Search PDF on start

Show search menu on start

Close Table of Contents when page is clicked

Close Thumbnails when page is clicked

Autoplay on start

If pages will flip automatically

Autoplay interval (ms)

Automatic page flip interval

Right to left mode

Flipping from right to left (inverted)

Thumbnail size

Thumbnail height for thumbnails view

Logo image

Logo image that will be displayed inside the flipbook container

URL that will be opened on logo click

If the logo link will open in new tab

Logo CSS

Custom CSS for logo

Example '#menu' or '.navbar'. Used with mode 'fullscreen' so the flipbook will be resized correctly below the menu

Container z-index

Set z-index of flipbook container

Preloader text

Text that will be displayed below the preloader spinner

Google Analytics tracking code

Add your Google Analytics ID to track custom events from flipbook. Available events are 'lightbox open' and 'pdf download'

To find the Google Analytics ID:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.

  3. Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.

  4. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Your Google Analytics ID is displayed at the top of the page.

Download PDF instead of displaying flipbook if browser is IE

Force keyboard arrows for navigation

Always use keyboard arrows for flipping pages

Disable arrows for navigation if not fullscreen

Touch swipe to turn page

Right click context menu

Set to Disabled to disable right click save image


Option to limit flipbook access to only WooCommerce users who bought the product or have subscription, by default everyone has full access to flipbooks

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